الاهلى يسحق سموحه بطلقة جيرالدو وحسام حسن يخرج بالاثارة

Al-Ahly won a deadly victory at the expense of Smouha 1-0, Saturday evening, in the framework of the matches of the 32nd round of the Egyptian Premier League.

Al-Ahli’s deadly goal came in the eighth minute of time rather than lost in the second half of the match, to give the Red team the three points at the top of the standings.

Al Ahly has risen to 70 points from 30 games in the top of the league standings, five points behind the runners-up Pyramides, who played 31 games, while Smouha is stuck at 35 points in 15th place.

the summary of the match

Al-Ahly entered the game, only to take possession of the ball in the middle of the pitch without the formation of an early risk in the net in the first minutes of the meeting.

The first came to the area of ​​the penalty area Smouha was in the ninth minute of the meeting after taking possession of the ball Azzaro on the right side, to send a ground cross did not find any follow-up, to leave the Alexandrian defense easily.

Smouha tried to reach Al-Ahly in the 18th minute after Ahmed Sobhi got the ball out of the box to hit a strong ball, but it came higher than the Al-Shennawi.

In the 26th minute, Al-Sulayy passed through a wonderful lead to Al-Shahat, who paved the ball to Ramadan Subhi to launch a strong shot, but Abu Jabal brilliantly blocked the ball from his net.

A minute later, Ahmed Fathi hit a strong ball from the right side to face Abu Jabal again, but Amr Sulayl hit and went out next to the left post for the goal of Smouha.

Al Ahly had a solid ball outside the penalty area in the 37th minute, and Maaloul decided to shoot it directly to the goal, but Abu Jabal held it firmly.

The 51st minute saw a new chance for Al Ahly after a cross from Fathi to Sulayy, who headed a strong ball in the foot but went over the top of the semicircle.

Martin Laharti, Ahli’s manager, made the first change in the 60th minute after deciding to pay Bolid Suleiman instead of Saleh Juma.

Ramadan Sobhi received a cross-ball in the 63rd minute in front of the goal directly, to turn it easy head in the hands of Abu Jabal wasted a new chance to progress Ahli.

Lazarti and Marwan Mohsen and Geraldo da Costa scored in the 73rd and 82nd minutes respectively, instead of Hamdi Fathi and Ahmed Fathi, to activate the team’s attack in search of the first goal.

Al-Shahat had a cross-ball in the 90th minute to Marwan Mohsen, who was completely without control, but turned around with an easy head towards Abu Jabal’s hands.

A minute later, Giraldo turned a cross against Ramadan Subhi to play on top of Abu Jabal before Marwan Mohsen finished with a header but Ahmed Sobhi put it away before reaching the goal line.

Al-Ahli scored the winner’s goal in the 90th minute of the match after a cross shot inside the area of ​​Smouha, to play Ramadan and Marwan at the feet of the defenders, before returning to Geraldo fired by a missile in the nets of Abu Jabal.

وكاد عمرو بركات أن يسجل هدف التعادل لسموحة في الدقيقة 90+16 بعدما صوب كرة بعيدة المدى من ركلة ثابتة، لترتطم في العارضة وتخرج خارج الملعب، قبل أن يعلن الحكم نهاية المواجهة.

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